Family Owned Self Storage

We're a family looking to acquire a self-storage business in 2022.

Our Background

Hi, my name is Andy.

My wife, Molly, and I met at college in Maine and have lived in New York and San Francisco, but look forward to life outside of the big city.

After working in finance and investing for 8 years, I switched to the small business world where I own a cleaning business and a consulting group that focuses on helping Fortune 500 companies give back to their community. I love the opportunities and challenges that arise in small businesses and I’m excited to continue building on the legacy of an existing self-storage business.

My wife is a full-time therapist working with children and adults as they deal with challenges in their lives.

Contact Us

If you're interested in selling your self-storage business, please reach out. We'd love to connect and offer our thoughts on whether we may be a good partner for you.